The year so far.

The year so far has been has been a mixture of good and bad news .

It started with really bad weather which stopped the night riding it just didn’t stop raining I had never known it so bad didn’t really get on the bike till march so then it was all about getting fit after the lay off . The start of the was also bad because my mum had a stroke at end of January so I also became her carer its been a long struggle juggling caring and the business but im happy to say mum and the business is getting better .

I am so glad I was able to continue with the business because I have met some wonderful people this year had a lot of great moments with my customers at that brings me a lot of pleasure knowing that with my help they have got better on there bikes just by spending the day with me .

The other good news is a local business has helped me in giving part of there shop for my hire bikes so they are now in centre of town which has been a huge help in getting them noticed , they are now at Bradleys Hardware Store in Llandrindod Wells .

This has been my second year and every new customer is exciting , its really great meeting people that are passionate about cycling and are still smiling no matter how painful it gets its inspiring seeing people enjoy this part of mid wales that I have enjoyed mountain biking on for the last 27 years .

This is The year so far.