Man vs Horse marathon race.

This was me in 1993 in the Man vs Horse marathon race this was my 3rd attempt at the race which in my view was one of the hardest races around at that time but was such a lot of fun to do. The runners in the race were a great bunch we all helped each other if we had a problem that was one of the things that made the Man vs Horse marathon event stand out it was tough but fun .

The bike I was riding was the excellent GT Team Avalanche definitely one of the best bikes ive ever had the frame was superb tange prestige not something you here a lot about today and the old Pace forks which don’t come close to anything today how times have changed .

but it has been amazing watching everything change in mountain biking over the years , ive learnt a lot on the way and ridden all sorts of mountain bikes over these hills for years and hope to continue for many more years showing and teaching people this wonderful sport , pastime or way of life as it has been for me Mountain Biking is amazing and anyone can do vs horse 1993