Ergon BA 3 Superenduro backpack

BA3 superenduro backpackThe Ergon BA 3 Superenduro backpack is without doubt the best backpack ive used and ive used a few trying to find the best one for long distance and everyday use .

With mountain bike backpacks you want one that will carry everything you require tools, jacket, first aid kit, food and 3 litre bladder for hydration and you don’t really want to know it is there ,well that is what the Ergon BA 3 Superenduro backpack does really well , the wide waist strap is really good its stretchy you stretch the 2 straps round your waist and Velcro them together and then a clip so they don’t come undone when that is done you don’t really notice the shoulder straps which on a long ride is really good no more stress on neck and shoulders, on technical descents you can move on the bike as much as you like the backpack will not move which is really good because you want to think about is what you and the bike is doing .

So if your looking for a new backpack I have no hesitation in recommending the Ergon BA 3 Superenduro backpack it really is that good.