Elan Valley

in April I started doing the Elan Valley I had a customer get in touch who really wanted to do the Elan Valley .

so I had to get up there and work out a really good loop to take him on and the last time id been up there was about 10 years ago so I was thinking a lot has probably changed . when I got up there and started my ride all the memory’s came flooding back what a fantastic place it really is great climbs and descents and lots of single track I had an idea for a loop it was a really good test but only 18 mile .

the day came for me to take Richard up the Elan Valley but I still wasn’t happy with the loop I had done so I figured out another loop but wasn’t sure of the distance but the Elan Valley is tough but so worth it the new loop had plenty of cut off points so should be good if weather changed or got tired etc im so glad I changed it because it really was worth it , we saw nearly all the Elan Valley and did 30 mile I had one very happy customer and I was also very happy .

so now the Elan Valley is back on my list of guided rides .