E-BIKE guided ride

E-BIKE guided ride. Since being diagnosed with COPD at the beginning of the year. I found I couldn’t do more than 15 mile on my normal mtb !!

Then i had to reevaluate my cycling life. I decided to get an E-BIKE. Its been a revelation, the E-BIKE certainly helps with lung disease in the way that you don’t go into serious oxygen debt when climbing, so it in turn helps with recovery !! On my normal bike it would take over a week to recover from a short ride. With the E-BIKE im back to normal.

I am now doing over 30 mile rides. So im able to take ppl out on normal mtb’s, and i can now offer E-BIKE guided ride !!

So if you have an E-BIKE and you want to do a good challenging ride. Then look no further come on an E-BIKE guided ride

I can also help with getting as many miles out of your E-BIKE as possible. Im learning all the time since i have had the E-BIKE. Its been about getting as many miles as possible out of the bike. Riding an E-BIKE deffinatly isn’t cheating. You still get a really good workout and it does get you fit !!!

If you are used to riding around trail centres. Then a E-BIKE guided ride on the wild trails in mid Wales is just what you need. You will find out what your bike really is capable of. These E-BIKES were designed for going higher and further. It really so much fun and very challenging. Riding your E-BIKE up very steep climbs and over the varying terrain really is a challenge. one that you will not forget!!!

So come and give it a go you wont regret it!!!

£2o.00 per person great for a present or just a day out.



Specialized Turbo Levo FSR