COPD and E-bike.

March 2017 COPD changed my life !I couldn’t pedal up any climbs i was in oxygen debt in just a couple of yards my heart rate was through the roof !

So i went to the doctor had tests for my heart everything was ok ! then i had tests on my chest those results were not so good , my oxygen capacity was really good but x-rays showed signs of COPD lung disease ! So now i was on 2 inhalers a preventer and the standard blue one ! I went out on the bike again but when i had done 10 mile i was exhausted it took 2 weeks to recover !

So i had to think of something that could help that’s when i thought of the E-bike because it would assist me uphill because with COPD when working hard you get out of breath very easily so i was hoping the E-bike would stop that ! so i ordered a Specialized Turbo Levo FSR E-bike !

The E-bike blew my mind it helped like you wouldn’t believe i could do all the miles i was doing before but not going into oxygen debt !! You still have to work hard you still get maximum heart rate etc and no way is an E-bike cheating rides are still as intense but you have the advantage of pedaling up everything which is incredible ! The E-bike has help my chest so much that i only use the preventer inhaler now !it really has helped me fight the COPD stopping the progression .

So anybody reading this that has a chest problem the E-bike can really help you live again , i can keep doing my guided rides now the E-bike has saved me im keeping the COPD from getting worse !!!!