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COPD and E-bike.

March 2017 COPD changed my life !I couldn’t pedal up any climbs i was in oxygen debt in just a couple of yards my heart rate was through the roof !

So i went to the doctor had tests for my heart everything was ok ! then i had tests on my chest those results were not so good , my oxygen capacity was really good but x-rays showed signs of COPD lung disease ! So now i was on 2 inhalers a preventer and the standard blue one ! I went out on the bike again but when i had done 10 mile i was exhausted it took 2 weeks to recover !

So i had to think of something that could help that’s when i thought of the E-bike because it would assist me uphill because with COPD when working hard you get out of breath very easily so i was hoping the E-bike would stop that ! so i ordered a Specialized Turbo Levo FSR E-bike !

The E-bike blew my mind it helped like you wouldn’t believe i could do all the miles i was doing before but not going into oxygen debt !! You still have to work hard you still get maximum heart rate etc and no way is an E-bike cheating rides are still as intense but you have the advantage of pedaling up everything which is incredible ! The E-bike has help my chest so much that i only use the preventer inhaler now !it really has helped me fight the COPD stopping the progression .

So anybody reading this that has a chest problem the E-bike can really help you live again , i can keep doing my guided rides now the E-bike has saved me im keeping the COPD from getting worse !!!!

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2016 so far !!!

2016 did not start how I expected it to. After a bad end to 2015 with me injuring my ruptured disc and really bad sciatica I was wondering if I would be able to ride again everything I did just reacted in a bad way I was having acupuncture to put it right having never had it before I just wasn’t sure if it would work .

so icing my back 3 times a day 30 mins each time and trying to do different exercises and having acupuncture once a week it started to get better I was assured by the chiropractor that cycling would really help it so I started on my bike again having missed 6 months of riding id lost a lot of my fitness I couldn’t believe how hard it was id forgotten how painful it is to start again but it was so worth it its been 3 months of hard training on the road bike and mountain bike over this time my back has got bad twice but touch wood its really feeling good now my fitness is almost where I want it to be so much so ill be taking bookings from the end of July so get in touch for a special offer !!!!!

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Elan Valley

in April I started doing the Elan Valley I had a customer get in touch who really wanted to do the Elan Valley .

so I had to get up there and work out a really good loop to take him on and the last time id been up there was about 10 years ago so I was thinking a lot has probably changed . when I got up there and started my ride all the memory’s came flooding back what a fantastic place it really is great climbs and descents and lots of single track I had an idea for a loop it was a really good test but only 18 mile .

the day came for me to take Richard up the Elan Valley but I still wasn’t happy with the loop I had done so I figured out another loop but wasn’t sure of the distance but the Elan Valley is tough but so worth it the new loop had plenty of cut off points so should be good if weather changed or got tired etc im so glad I changed it because it really was worth it , we saw nearly all the Elan Valley and did 30 mile I had one very happy customer and I was also very happy .

so now the Elan Valley is back on my list of guided rides .


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The year so far.

The year so far has been has been a mixture of good and bad news .

It started with really bad weather which stopped the night riding it just didn’t stop raining I had never known it so bad didn’t really get on the bike till march so then it was all about getting fit after the lay off . The start of the was also bad because my mum had a stroke at end of January so I also became her carer its been a long struggle juggling caring and the business but im happy to say mum and the business is getting better .

I am so glad I was able to continue with the business because I have met some wonderful people this year had a lot of great moments with my customers at that brings me a lot of pleasure knowing that with my help they have got better on there bikes just by spending the day with me .

The other good news is a local business has helped me in giving part of there shop for my hire bikes so they are now in centre of town which has been a huge help in getting them noticed , they are now at Bradleys Hardware Store in Llandrindod Wells .

This has been my second year and every new customer is exciting , its really great meeting people that are passionate about cycling and are still smiling no matter how painful it gets its inspiring seeing people enjoy this part of mid wales that I have enjoyed mountain biking on for the last 27 years .

This is The year so far.

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mountain biking new year.

The mountain biking new year ahead , after the really bad weather through the winter months which put an end to the night riding that was planned its now time to get back out on the bike and start planning some more new routes in the area .

This area is amazing it varies so much there is something for everyone , my routes are between 10 and 40 plus miles in length and provide a lovely day out with fantastic views.

The mountain biking here is very ridable in any weather except the extreme weather we had at the end of last year and beginning of this one, we want to encourage beginners and experts alike all ages as age means nothing etc women please come aswell trying to encourage everyone into mountain biking as its such a wonderful pastime and sport and this is an amazing area for beginners so feel free to come and try us out you wont be disappointed we know the area like the back of our hands as we have mountain biked it for 27 years so you know your in good hands .

so heres hoping for a good mountain biking new year.

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Radnor Forest

The Radnor Forest
Radnor Forest was once a royal hunting ground which wasn’t a forest in the modern sense of being a heavily wooded area, but in the medieval sense of “forest” being an unenclosed area used for hunting deer. The area still …called Radnor Forest is a land of hill farming and great moorlands, steep narrow valleys and hills, rising up to the highest point in Radnorshire, Black Mixen at 650m (2150ft). Nowadays the wooded part of Radnor Forest is looked after by Forestry Commission Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government.
Forest with a view
Open areas within the forest offer stunning views to Cader Idris and Snowdonia in the north-west, the Long Mynd to the north-east, across to the Malvern hills to the east and the Brecon Beacons to the south. It has been said that if you travel due east from the Black Mixen hill at the top of the forest the next highest point you come to is the Russian Urals!
I do guided rides from Llandrindod wells that take in the Radnor Forest the distance is roughly 40miles round its one of my favourite rides or if you want a shorter ride I can take you from Great Trewern B & B which is right in the heart of the Radnor Forest its a lovely place to stay for mountain bikers and walkers.
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Ergon BA 3 Superenduro backpack

BA3 superenduro backpackThe Ergon BA 3 Superenduro backpack is without doubt the best backpack ive used and ive used a few trying to find the best one for long distance and everyday use .

With mountain bike backpacks you want one that will carry everything you require tools, jacket, first aid kit, food and 3 litre bladder for hydration and you don’t really want to know it is there ,well that is what the Ergon BA 3 Superenduro backpack does really well , the wide waist strap is really good its stretchy you stretch the 2 straps round your waist and Velcro them together and then a clip so they don’t come undone when that is done you don’t really notice the shoulder straps which on a long ride is really good no more stress on neck and shoulders, on technical descents you can move on the bike as much as you like the backpack will not move which is really good because you want to think about is what you and the bike is doing .

So if your looking for a new backpack I have no hesitation in recommending the Ergon BA 3 Superenduro backpack it really is that good.

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Trail42 ride and lifestyle apparel for men and women

trail 42 is a new British range of ride and lifestyle apparel for men and women. Created by Ruth and Rich Hallett, the ethically-sourced brand is designed by and for mountain bikers and is based on the edge of the Forest of Dean.

“We’re mountain bikers ourselves so when we set out to create the trail 42 range we knew we had to get the detail right,” says co-founder Ruth. “We’ve questioned over 350 mountain bikers, both men and women, during our research and we’ve drawn upon our own experience as riders. The result is trail 42: a range of top quality, ethically-sourced and not too heavily branded gear that is perfect both for a day on the trails and downtime off the bike too.”

Rich originally trained as a precision engineer and then a graphic designer, Ruth’s background is in project management and marketing. Both are avid mountain bikers who enjoy the local trails around the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, as well as regularly riding in Bristol, Cwmcarn and Afan.

trail 42

anyone booking a guided ride or tuition with me will get a discount code for money off any of Trail42 products.

There range of products will be expanding soon, they are a knew British business so lets support them and help them be a success.

sign up to there news letter for the latest on new products etc

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Jagwire gear cables

anyone looking to change there gear cables should look no further than the excellent Jagwire gear cables.

I have been running the Jagwire gear cables since February and they are still working like new, the bike I use is a Canyon Nerve AM it has internal cable routing as do a lot of bikes these days and they suffer with water getting into the cables just like any other bike the Jagwire gear cables are waterproof.

I cannot recommend these cables enough , yes the Jagwire gear cables are more expensive but in our weather conditions they will save you money in the long run, they also come in lots of different colours, I rate them 10 out of 10 one of the best things ive bought this year.

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Man vs Horse marathon race.

This was me in 1993 in the Man vs Horse marathon race this was my 3rd attempt at the race which in my view was one of the hardest races around at that time but was such a lot of fun to do. The runners in the race were a great bunch we all helped each other if we had a problem that was one of the things that made the Man vs Horse marathon event stand out it was tough but fun .

The bike I was riding was the excellent GT Team Avalanche definitely one of the best bikes ive ever had the frame was superb tange prestige not something you here a lot about today and the old Pace forks which don’t come close to anything today how times have changed .

but it has been amazing watching everything change in mountain biking over the years , ive learnt a lot on the way and ridden all sorts of mountain bikes over these hills for years and hope to continue for many more years showing and teaching people this wonderful sport , pastime or way of life as it has been for me Mountain Biking is amazing and anyone can do vs horse 1993

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