2016 so far !!!

2016 did not start how I expected it to. After a bad end to 2015 with me injuring my ruptured disc and really bad sciatica I was wondering if I would be able to ride again everything I did just reacted in a bad way I was having acupuncture to put it right having never had it before I just wasn’t sure if it would work .

so icing my back 3 times a day 30 mins each time and trying to do different exercises and having acupuncture once a week it started to get better I was assured by the chiropractor that cycling would really help it so I started on my bike again having missed 6 months of riding id lost a lot of my fitness I couldn’t believe how hard it was id forgotten how painful it is to start again but it was so worth it its been 3 months of hard training on the road bike and mountain bike over this time my back has got bad twice but touch wood its really feeling good now my fitness is almost where I want it to be so much so ill be taking bookings from the end of July so get in touch for a special offer !!!!!